Time is money, so don’t waste it on the road – Waze App

Ever heard of the phrase – “Time is Money”?

Well, if you really think about it in terms of traffic… it’s so true.

You could leave an hour early for work in order to avoid traffic, but with the roadways being the way the are today, a lot of people still arrive late to work AND waste money on gas.

There’s only so much one person can do to avoid the treacherous Turnpike and I-95.

But, with technology advancing every day,Waze App was developed in order to aid in the problems a lot of American’s go through on a daily basis… waisting time and money sitting in traffic. What makes this app different than any other traffic app is other drivers who utilize the Waze app can alert you what is happening on the roads you’re wanting to take.


In order to get the best use out of Waze, after downloading the app (which is available online, through Google play, iTunes app store, and Windows phone store) create an account so you can not only see what others are reporting, but in turn let other Waze users know what’s going on in the roads.


One of the first things to experiment with is the navigation feature. You can connect the places you frequently travel to through Waze, and you’ll always get the easiest route to take.
You can also connect the app to your Facebook events, which allows you to find the best route to an event you have coming up!


Another great feature with the app is being able to send directions of your current location, or one of your favorites, to friends in your phone book.


Now, the fun part.

Being able to alert other Wazers is not only helpful for them, but for you as well!


The more you report, the better chances you get of being added to the real time map!

Here are the different types of reporting:

Traffic Jams


Police Activity


Accident reports


And Hazard reports:




And of course, life has been made easier by featuring all current back ups in one area.


Waze is a free to help you save time which will also save you money 🙂