The clothes you don’t wear can be turned into cash at Plato’s Closet!

There is one thing every broke girl looks over when it comes to thinking of ways to get fast cash.

I bet you right now, if you looked in your closet you would find at least four items of clothing you DON’T wear and have no clue what to do with.

Plato’s Closet is a consignment shop with a huge selection of new and gently used clothes, shoes and accessories that are trendy NOW. No, not two seasons ago… right NOW!

How does it work, you ask?


  • Compile the clothes you’re looking into selling.
  • Bring the clothes to your nearest Plato’s Closet Location.
  • While the buyer is looking at your clothing, you’re able to shop around for clothes that you WILL wear.
  • Once the buyer creates an offer for your clothing, you’re able to accept or deny the offer.

Here’s a little more explanation into the buying process.

There’s a few things you might want to know before you go bringing you’re ugliest sweater to the store:

  • Make sure you call your local store to verify they are accepting what you have to offer.
  • Also, check the website for a list of articles of clothing they will accept.
  • Make sure the items you are wanting to turn in are gently used if not new, you’ll have a better chance of getting an offer.
  • Keep in mind, some stores vary what they will accept based on location and the demographic they serve. So if something is denied at one store, doesn’t mean it will be at another.

A lot of girls don’t know how to dress for their body type, so they just buy what they think looks cute on other people and what they see in magazines. This is the perfect opportunity to sell those clothes that you might not love anymore, and actually splurge on something that you will wear all the time!

Is your car AND wallet on E? Gas Buddy app will find cheap gas!

Hello everyone, happy Friday!

As the weekend begins, so does the planning of beach days, shopping trips, nights out with friends, and the ever popular ‘Sunday Funday’. With all these plans, the last thing on everyone’s mind is gasoline in their tank… That is until they hop in their cars and see the ever annoying empty signal.

While living on a budget, it’s most important to think about taking care of the priorities in your life, such as filling up your car, BEFORE the other stuff. I know, I know.. Growing up is such an inconvenience.

But, this app called Gas Buddy is a sure fire way to aid in your money saving endeavors by finding the cheapest gas prices in a six mile radius! It’s available for Android and Blackberry devices, also for Apple products in the App Store!

After typing in ‘Gas Buddy’ in the search bar, this should pop up.


After the app is downloaded onto your mobile device comes the most important part… Finding cheap gas!


In the event that you’re out of town, and don’t know your current zip code, just press the gas pump in the middle and it will ask you this:

Press “OK” and it will figure out your location.

Once the gas prices have shown up on the screen, you can decide whether you want to view the gas stations by how close they are to your current location:

OR by the cheapest prices in the area:

Just click the middle button all the way at the bottom labeled “By Distance” or “By Price”.

Also, for those ladies who drive bigger vehicles like trucks or SUVs, to the left of the “By Distance/By Price” button is a function for you to chose which grade of gas that works best in your car!


Another great function of this app is the interactive map that shows the locations of gas stations along with the price of the grade you’re looking for.


Not only is Gas Buddy there to help find cheap gas prices, BUT it also allows you to report cheap gas prices you find on the road! If reported, you will be given points, which allow you to enter into a drawing to win a 100 dollar gas gift card for free! All you have to do is sign in with Facebook, or create an account.


Save yourself a couple dollars to spend on that cute top you saw at Forever 21, and download Gas Buddy to aid in the annoying task of keeping your gas tank full!